Development & Reconstruction Of Zilla Parishad School

The Problem

Pandhar Village, Panvel, Raigad (District) has a Zila Parishad school which was constructed in the year 1963, with its date of foundation laying being 10/06/1963. Right now, 350+ students are receiving education in this school, but the infrastructure of this school is not up to the mark. Moreover, it is unhygienic as well as unsafe for kids. The school doesn't have a Computer lab and lacks basic amenities.

Our Solution

Prarambh Foundation wishes to adopt this school to build better infrastructure. In the later stage, we wish to install digital classrooms.

The Impact

Students will look forward to a good classroom experience.

Good ambience will raise their enthusiasm levels. The walls of the school have developed cracks, which is a big safety hazard. We will hence reconstruct the infrastructure, thereby securing the students' safety.

Subsequently, we plan to build computer labs and digital classrooms, wherein children can enjoy the latest technologies in learning.